service department

Service means we are here for you every day between purchases.

Our philosophy extends far beyond the day you first purchase. Let’s be honest, the purchase is a single day in a long journey with your vehicle. We have your back whether it is scheduled maintenance and an unexpected vehicle need. From oil changes to Honda recommended services, let our Honda service experts assist you along the way.

Our service team consists of the best trained professionals that assist you with all aspects of vehicle care. At McCurley Integrity Honda all of the service technicians and advisors are Honda certified and trained (No one else knows your vehicle better than us.) On top of that, our prices are competitive so you can enjoy the best care at a fair price.

We know as well as you that a Honda can run forever (well a very long time.) You many need some genuine Honda Parts along the way. Our Honda certified parts specialists have the answers for you. We will help you find the perfect oil filter, battery, tire, and everything in-between. Or maybe you would like to upgrade the look or features of your current Honda. Our parts team has a great Honda genuine part to give your vehicle the edge you are looking for. You also get a Honda guarantee on all of our authentic Honda accessories. Give us a call or see us in person to get the information you are looking for.